HomeAid Hawaiʻi May 2024 Newsletter

May 03, 2024 | TAGS: Newsletters, 2024

Following the groundbreaking of Ka Laʻi Ola, I drove past houses in varying states of burn remediation. Some lots have been cleared and lined with fresh gravel, while others remain untouched since the fires. Still others provide a glimpse of how challenging this process is – with workers in hazmat suits sifting through the rubble and trucks waiting on the road to clear the removed debris.

Tuesday served as a reminder of what is at stake for the community we serve, and I felt once again the weight and the privilege of building transitional housing for Maui's wildfire survivors.

The groundbreaking was a significant milestone on this path to recovery, yet it marks just the beginning of our journey. Our commitment doesn't pause here; it only grows stronger. We are pressing forward with urgency, aiming to have as many families as possible stably housed by this summer.

Mahalo to everyone – our partners, supporters, and the local community – for helping our Maui ohana rebuild their lives in a home of their own. I am grateful to be on this path with all of you.

Kimo Carvalho
Executive Director
HomeAid Hawaiʻi

Groundbreaking for Ka Laʻi Ola

It was a beautiful day to gather for the groundbreaking of Ka Laʻi Ola. We marked this milestone with heartfelt speeches from Governor Josh Green, Mayor Richard Bissen, Deputy Director Joseph Campos from the Department of Human Services, Micah Kāne, CEO of Hawaiʻi Community Foundation, and our very own Kimo Carvalho, Executive Director of HomeAid Hawaiʻi. Adding to the celebration was a traditional imu, prepared the night before.

Equipment Rodeo

In partnership with Goodfellow Bros., CM&D, and Karey Kapoi, an Equipment Rodeo was hosted at Ka Laʻi Ola. This special event was designed to strengthen pilina with our Leialiʻi neighbors. GBI's construction crew not only showcased their machinery but also emphasized the importance of safety on site. It was a fantastic opportunity for the keiki to get hands-on experience, take photos, and enjoy a fun-filled day with the equipment. 

Ka Laʻi Ola Planning Charette

Community relations and thoughtful planning are at the heart of everything we do. To make sure we're on the right path, a 3-day charette on Maui was organized, bringing together various community groups and organizations. Through in-depth discussions on land planning, architecture, services, and budget, we gained valuable insights and a clearer vision on how best to support those affected by Maui's wildfires. Learn more about our charette process

Kauhale - Hilo Community Meeting

The communities of each Hawaiian island are unique. They have their own culture, their own voice. And as we expand the Kauhale Initiative across the State of Hawaii, we must continue to listen and understand the needs of the people. Back on April 6th, we flew to Hilo and joined John Mizuno, the State's Coordinator on Homelessness and Housing Solutions, John Mizuno, and County of Hawaiʻi Housing Administrator Susan Kunzto share about our successes with Kauhale thus-far and what kauhale sites in West Hawaiʻi might look like. 

Give to Ka Laʻi Ola today

You can help make this community a true place of healing. Private support is still needed to create opportunities for residents to rebuild their lives – like a resiliency center, childcare facilities, shared gardens, playgrounds, and other community spaces.

Click here to donate to Ka Laʻi Ola.