Ka La‘i Ola Construction Update (May 2024)

May 30, 2024 | TAGS: Ka La‘i Ola, Construction

After months of detailed planning, we officially began construction at Ka Laʻi Ola in May, following our groundbreaking on April 30th. Our partners, Goodfellow Bros and CM&D, have diligently undertaken the task of clearing and mass grading several acres across phases 1-A, 1-B, and parts of 1-C. They've also cleared an area in Phase 3 for temporary offices and supply storage, essential for ongoing operations.

Aerial showing progress in the beginning of May 2024
Aerial showing progress as of May 20, 2024

Significant efforts were made in drilling and blasting for roadway utilities and clearing and grubbing for detention basins to be constructed at the property's western edge. Additionally, the team has been processing boulders into aggregates, crucial for the bedding of utility infrastructures.

As we progress into June, our focus will intensify on establishing the core infrastructure. This includes the installation of piping for sewage and water, and much more.

Mahalo for your continued support as we expedite the construction of Ka Laʻi Ola, striving to provide immediate relief and a stable foundation for Maui's wildfire victims.