Capital Improvements

HomeAid Hawaiʻi’s legacy model focuses on aiding non-profits that assist those facing or at risk of homelessness, primarily by renovating their service buildings and facilities. This approach encompasses a range of improvements, from renovations and repairs to maintenance, landscape enhancements, and even new construction. Since 2015, HomeAid Hawai‘i has completed 12 such capital improvement projects, demonstrating a strong commitment to supporting service providers and organizations that are directly involved in helping vulnerable populations.

The impact of these projects has been twofold. First, by upgrading and expanding facilities, HomeAid Hawai‘i has enabled these non-profits to extend their reach and serve more individuals in need. Second, and perhaps more significantly, the organization has reduced or covered the overall cost of development of each project. This efficiency is largely due to HomeAid Hawaiʻi’s collaborative builder-partner and volunteer network, which brings together various stakeholders to contribute their skills and resources. The work has spanned across different types of housing needs, including specialty housing and both transitional and permanent housing solutions.

One of HomeAid Hawaiʻi’s first capital improvement projects supported IHS with a renovation of Tutu Bert’s House.

HomeAid Hawaiʻi’s portfolio of capital improvement projects also includes IHS’s Women’s and Family Shelter, Waikiki Health’s Youth Outreach (YO) Keoniana House, and Mental Health Kokua’s Pauahi Hale in Chinatown, among others. In some cases, HomeAid Hawaiʻi’s contribution, defined as HomeAid Hawaiʻi’s role in securing discounted or in-kind labor and materials, as well as providing administrative support, covered 100% of the total project value. In other instances, funding was a collaborative effort, combining private donations, state funds, and HomeAid Hawaiʻi’s resources. This blend of funding sources underscores HomeAid Hawaiʻi’s ability to leverage a wide network of support, ensuring that each project not only meets its goals but also maximizes the impact on the community it serves.

Bringing new life to 12 capital improvement projects across Oahu.

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