Maui Housing Initiative

HomeAid Hawaiʻi has been working to develop interim housing solutions for the displaced residents of Maui following the devastating August 2023 fires. This initiative involves collaborating with various agencies and stakeholders on activities like land planning, site development, design, and construction.

In partnership with the State, we are now actively working to develop an interim housing site in Lahaina, called Ka La’i Ola (The Place of Peaceful Recovery). The site will house up to 1,500 displaced Maui residents for up to 5 years. Visit the Ka La’i Ola website to learn more.

Ka La’i Ola, a interim housing site in Lahaina, will house up to 1,500 displaced Maui residents for up to 5 years.

Immediately after the fires, HomeAid Hawaiʻi pledged to support displaced residents, and the State of Hawaiʻi, by building at least 500 homes in Central and West Maui. Since then, we have been working tirelessly toward that end: evaluating sites for feasibility; working through scenarios that consider complex issues like water, sewage, and traffic flow; and identifying the land and structures that will best help to heal a community that has suffered considerable trauma.

How can I support the Maui Housing Initiative?

You can either click here to donate online or connect with Jill Wright, Director of Philanthropy at HomeAid Hawaiʻi, via email at to discuss a specific gift or philanthropic partnership.